In the space of your weekly session, I can offer you pathways to know yourself more deeply and feel more comfortable in your own skin. My highest values are trust and honesty in the therapeutic relationship, and I strive to be both transparent and supportive of your process at all times. I believe that relating to you in an authentic, caring, and straightforward way is the most useful tool that I can offer as a therapist.

In my practice I integrate specific approaches including Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, Gestalt, and Somatic work into a Relational framework. Our therapy is a creative process and together we will identify what approaches work best for you . I welcome you to be vocal about your own preferences and goals for therapy, so that our work together can be rewarding and productive.

SOMATIC techniques are highly effective for those who have difficulty connecting with, regulating, or tolerating emotion. We develop both your ability to read your own body for cues, and resources to calm and comfort yourself in times of distress. Somatic work can be extremely powerful for treating trauma, anxiety, and feelings of disconnection.

 INTERNAL FAMILY SYSTEMS helps to unravel the inner conflict that comes up when we’re not sure what we want, when our behavior doesn’t match our values or decisions, or when we’re feeling self-critical or self-hating. IFS recognizes the natural divisions that happen within everyone, like “part of me wants to do it, but another part of me is scared…”, and provides a powerful and effective method to resolve that inner conflict.

GESTALT approaches focus on the here and now, accepting that most of our problems are manageable if we stay in contact with the present moment and what we are experiencing through our bodies, minds, and senses. Gestalt uses a variety of techniques to increase your sense of self-efficacy and ability to choose freely what you want in life.

 MINDFULNESS therapy borrows from ancient mediation and modern neuroscience to create new pathways of thought and attention. Mindfulness work helps us to find an 'exit' from the repetitive worries and patterns of suffering that we get caught in by creating a more spacious, clear awareness, and resting in the truth of the moment. 

 RELATIONAL approaches to therapy basically acknowledge that we are two people and that our work together is deeply affected by the relationship we develop. In this work our connection is part of the therapy, and any feelings, curiosities, or confusions that arise for you can be sorted out in the moment. Relational work can be an important part of healing from attachment issues and from a variety of relationship and social struggles, such as social anxiety.

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