I believe that beneath whatever suffering you may be experiencing, you are a valuable and meaningful part of this world. We are all inherently capable of living deeply fulfilling lives and of recovering from the pain that life has dealt us.  There is a part of you that is full of wisdom, and it is calling you to seek that healing and growth right now. 

 Individual therapy is an agent of change for many people, and it can be an empowering and life changing experience for you. In our work I can help you create more secure and stable connections in your life: at work, in relationships, and within yourself. This stability helps you navigate the ups and downs of life without becoming overwhelmed, and attune to your own inner process so that you can  create the life you are wanting to. 

One of my specialties is working with Complex & Early Relational Trauma. Some of the other issues  I work with include:

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  • Codependence

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Trauma, PTSD

  • Body Image & Self Esteem

  • Loss & Separation in Childhood

  • Life Transitions

  • Grief & Loss

  • Emotional aspects of Illness & Injury

  • Cultural Integration & Impacts of Immigration

I have a general practice and welcome anyone who feels called to work with me. I work with individuals of all orientations, abilities, and racial, cultural, or identity groups.

Call (415) 735-1926 or contact me for a free phone consultation.