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I believe that every relationship holds powerful opportunities for each person to grow and develop greater compassion and awareness, both for ourselves and each other. Relationships can also be challenging and bring up our biggest fears, frustrations, and triggers. The vulnerability that comes with loving someone is so often what elicits the reactions and behaviors that cause us trouble. 

In my work with couples I balance insight with practical tools and strategies to help you build a better relationship. We will identify both the strengths and the challenges of your relationship, and start building on those strengths right away. I help you learn how to truly listen to one another so that you can feel a deeper and more loving connection, and create a safe environment to explore the most contentious issues in your relationship. Most couples I work with feel great relief at being able to express themselves, while feeling more deeply understood and cared for by their partner.

Some of the issues I commonly work with in relationship counseling include codependence, conflict-avoidant patterns, and differing needs for intimacy. I work with all types of relationships, including: couples of mixed racial, cultural, or religious backgrounds; queer, poly, and non-monogamous relationships; couples transitioning out of relationship; new relationships; and traditional committed partnerships. I welcome couples struggling with issues of childhood loss or trauma impacting present day relationships. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about how couples therapy may apply to your specific relationship issues, please don't hesitate to ask. 

*Please note that, at this time, I infrequently have space for new couples in my practice. If you feel strongly drawn to work with me because of my approach or the issues I focus on, please feel free to contact me to discuss when a space may become available, or for a referral to a trusted colleague.

Call (415) 735-1926 or contact me for a free phone consultation.